Sunday, 18 September 2016

Potential Benefits Of Incorporating Silo Structure In Your WordPress Site

Silo structure is an SEO strategy to create keyword-based themes for your website. This helps to improve the ranking of your site in popular search engines. In this article, we help you understand all the basics of SILO structure and how to implement silo structure in WordPress.
We human beings are geared towards organizing things from the dawn of time, but when it comes to our websites, we lack in the organization. Pretty much the majority of websites, have plenty of contents on their homepage and do not contain any organizational levels. This is confusing for both the readers who come to the page as well as search engines which sort them. They find it difficult to find out what a particular page is all about. This leads to loss of revenue and ultimately the failure of the purpose for which the site was built.
Generally, there have been two strategies that try to organize content on a web page. The first is the information architecture that helps the user to have a better experience. Next, comes, SEO which helps to organize content in such a way that it is beneficial to search engines. Both of them complement each other and are aimed towards improving the user experience.
What is Siloing?
Silo is a type of architecture that is based on SEO principles. It helps to structure the content on the site optimally and organizes content on the site into target keywords that help to increase the visibility of the site on search engines. Siloing is also known as theming. However, this must not be confused with the WordPress themes. Theming here means organizing the content of your site based on targeted keywords.
How to go about implementing the Silo structure?
Siloing involves extensive keyword research. You must first find out the targeted keywords in your niche so that you can create your silo structures based on them.
The next step is to organize your content based on the keywords you have found.
The final step is to build the structure with the help of menus, links, URL and breadcrumb.
This helps to provide a clear info about your site and its structure to search engines. Thereby, improving the visibility and ranking of your page for the keywords you are working on.
How does Silos fit into your SEO strategy?
Consider silos as the basic foundation on which you build your site. Before building your site, you must first lay the right structure and then you can easily develop it. Though silo helps to organize the site, contents are very important to extract the maximum out of your site. Silo is a white hat SEO technique so you can safely use it without the fear of getting back-listed. Silos have been in use for more than ten years and have been modified over the years.
Though SILOS have been in practice for many years, there is not much of awareness about this highly potential architectural structure. So if you are a newbie looking to build your WordPress site, try to incorporate Silos right from day one.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Tips To Consider Before Setting Up An Online Business

Business trends have changed greatly for good. A successful business is no more restricted by location or distance. Business via the internet makes global marketing possible. E-commerce has advanced greatly that it is no more restricted to advertising and promotions but is a fully fledged form of complete business beginning from buying, promoting, selling and tracking of products. E-commerce deals with business to business, business to vendor and business to consumer dealings.

The presence of a business online makes the store accessible to consumers worldwide round the clock. The consumer no longer has to wait for the retail shop to open up or a salesperson to display the goods. Everything has been simplified for the consumer but in order to keep it simple, the business has to invest a fair amount of time and money in setting up a website. The website cannot be like ordinary websites, it has to have many more functions to act out the complete role of a retail shop and much more. For this, e-commerce platforms allow businesses to build their website on the particular platform that offers a complete package of these functions. Bing Digital, Magento, x cart, zen cart, symphony, big cart are some of the e-commerce platform services available.  

While there are several platforms ranging from simple to complex and highly functional ones, the business dealer must clearly know his needs and choose a platform accordingly. Creating an e-commerce platform is not free and is an additional expense to the business. If it is a small business, it would be wise to start small and grow the platform along with the business. A person with enough technical skills can create his own business website with the help of these platforms. For those who cannot afford the time, these platforms also offer site maintenance. Some platforms are so advanced that they offer special certified training courses for professionals or users alike, meaning that a business can even seek a professional to create and maintain the business website.

It is very necessary to set up the business website in the region of targeted business. The platform will need to be customized accordingly. Based on the location the platform will need additional functions of currency exchange, tax, shipping and language. One must be aware of the scale of products or business and plan the platform accordingly.  The size affects the comparability, search and packaging of products.

Effective cost calculation based on the cost of the product, shipping charges, tax and discounts must be functional in order to avoid confusion. A user interface must provide customer care services and ability to track orders and stock availability. Some platforms may provide mobile commerce too while others may not. Some platforms even provide additional benefits of market analysis, report on most viewed products and traffic to the website. Additional blogs and forums will be a great addition to keep customers coming and to maintain traffic to the site. Coupon codes are also great promotional ideas. It is recommended that before you opt for any platform; prefer an initial free trial to determine suitability.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Beginner’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization

There are numerous benefits of using SEO as a method or mode of digital marketing. If done by proper techniques that are approved by the guidelines issued by the various search engines it can yield awesome results. Your website will become one of the highest rated and most highly placed websites when any internet surfer searches using a particular set of words called keywords. Usually, these keywords would be placed within the written content of your website. A good SEO firm or agency or company will be thoroughly adept at using the most suited keywords. This, in turn, will be hugely beneficial for your business.

SEO is one of the most popular and most highly used modes and methods of digital marketing. SEO has been used ever since the very inception of digital marketing as a fully fledged method of the market. With so many websites in the same field of business, the importance of SEO has grown manifold over the past 5-10 years. Quite obviously most of the internet surfers visit those websites that are the most highly placed in the search results. Hence, those websites that are the most highly placed will always have a greater number of visitors than the websites that are not highly placed.

Web sites that do not even appear on the first page of the search results will always have a much greater disadvantage than those which appear on the first page of the search results. Hence, your goal must always be to make sure that your company's website gradually gets to the top of the search results over the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is at this point of time that the value of SEO is understood by most of the business people. No matter how good is the quality of services that you offer unless people reach your website, they would never be able to make use of those services. 

Above The Fold  section of the home page and other pages of your website is of extreme importance. This is because if and when your potential clients or consumers start reaching your website after proper SEO of your website is done then the above the fold section is the first thing noticed by them. You must properly understand the value of this aspect of digital marketing. Filling up the above the fold section of the home page and other pages of your website can be a very good way to boost things up. Making sure that this is achieved can be a very good idea.

If your consumer or potential user is able to find something of relevance in the above the fold section of your website then you will have a definite advantage. In the overall scheme of things, this can be very important. Most of the quality SEO firms or agencies or service providers will be able to perform this task quite well. Opting for those SEO firms or agencies will be hugely beneficial in the long run.